These speakers are designed for PC and are compatible for laptops and desktop computers. Improve the sound quality of games, movies and music

Our expert has picked our Creative T100 speaker as the most suitable speaker system for your laptop because it provides an extremely balanced performance as well as high-quality sound.

Computers have ceased to be machines specifically designed to work and perform tasks for offices. Therefore, many home-based users utilize their desktops or laptop towers to listen to music, watch movies and play games.

The issue arises when you want to enjoy an enjoyable sound experience. A priori, the sound quality of these devices isn’t the greatest. It is best to buy an audio system designed for PCs that is specifically for these devices, such as the ones we’ve tried in this review. There are four inexpensive computer speakers we’ve located on Amazon.

What are the top speakers for your computer?

In light of the fact that not everyone has the same space at their desks Five speakers for PC 2.0 have been chosen for this test. Additionally, a maximum price of 110 Euros was designed to fit into the majority of pockets. The most popular computer speaker models include: Bose Companion 2 Series III (8.75), Creative T100 (9), Logitech Z200 (8.25) and Trust Arys RGB 2.0 (7.25) and Woxter Dynamic Line 410 BT (8.25).

The criteria used for the analysis and evaluation of this include:

Design : as we’ve previously mentioned in previous speaker reviews (for instance, the ones which use Wi-Fi technology) Although design is a personal preference and is often a factor in buying, buyers tend to consider it a top priority.

Construction: the surface of the portable speaker, the material used… How do they made of? Do they represent quality and longevity?

Sound How do the speakers of PC sound? Does the sound come through clear and clear? What about the strength? The mix of these components affects the quality provided. It is essential regarding the quality of their sound not to forget the cost range within the which they operate, and that they’re the same 2.0 systems.

Connectivity: In addition to the connection that can be used with a computer, it also incorporates other connections that can be used together with other audio sources.

A comparison of speaker systems for the computer

We’ve used five of these PC 2.0 speakers along with laptops for a few days to see their operation as well as how they perform and the audio experience they offer when watching a film, or listening to songs that are a mix of various genres of music… The laptop was located in a room that was approximately fifteen square metres.

The speaker for PC which has received the top score was that of the Creative T100 speaker . Its features enable it to provide extremely balanced performance as well as excellent audio quality, allowing its capabilities to other audio sources. The remote control allows for ease of use.

Creative T100 speakers: our choice

Data sheet

– System configuration: 2.0.

– Drivers: 2 x 2.75-inch full-range driver.

Power output 2 20W RMS. Total power of the system: up at 40W RMS. Peak power 80W.

The frequency response ranges from 50 to 20,000 The frequency response is 50-20,000

Dimensions of the left and right speakers Dimensions: 208 x93 130 millimeters.

– The weight of each speaker is 1 kilogram.

Connection: 3.5 millimeter auxiliary input optical input as well as compatibility with USB sticks up to 32GB, as well as Bluetooth 5.0.

Other: BaxPort patented technology for bass enhancement, with support for FLAC, WMA and MP3 formats, A2DP supported Bluetooth profiles Remote control, compatible in conjunction with Amazon Echo Dot. Front grille made of metal.

A solid design is a must for the 2.0 system, which sports simple, but elegant style . Each speaker comes with dimension of 208 x 130 mm. They weigh one kilogram , and has four supports on their bases. 

They’re virtually identical, however on one on the right you will find the following controls on the top the speaker: volume, on/off, and the source of input. In this instance this case, it is clear that the Creative T100 speaker system proposal was not designed only to work on your laptop or desktop system, however, also other sources of sound.. 

So, with the 3.5 millimeter auxiliary connection we need to include an optical input in order for use with the TV, for instance it has a USB port that can work with memory that can be at least 32 Gb in size (reads MP3, WMA and FLAC files) as well as Bluetooth 5.0 technology. . One of these speakers displays at the center an LED point which according to its hue, tells you what the source of sound is being utilized.

The process is easy. You just need to connect them to the power source via the adapter included with the box and select the audio source you wish to use. In our tests, mostly when using them with laptops the sound quality was beyond what we expected in a pleasing way , highlighting the effects of Creative’s BasXPort technology which enhances the bass response. 

Additionally, it has attracted our attention to the fact that its remote which it’s advertised offers the possibility of customizing bass and treble frequencies.cIt includes preset equalizers (games and music or films) as well as a remote controls, in the event that you connect the speakers using an USB-connected key you can browse the music folders.

The best of all: it’s connectivity options as well as the clarity and quality of its audio.

The most serious issue is that It’s the most expensive choice. The devices do not come with a headphone Jack.

Conclusions: The BaxPort 2.0 system is compact as well as balanced appearance. It also offers a excellent sound quality because the audio doesn’t get distorted and the sound is clear , and that BaxPort technology does an excellent job. Additionally, it has a convenient remote control.

Bose Companion 2 Series III speaker: the best alternative

The audio quality that American Bose offers for its product is superb and this pair multimedia speakers that are compatible with the Bose Companion 2 Series III computer isn’t an exception. They sound amazing and produce a clear and clear sound, they don’t distort, and their performance across the various frequency ranges (high medium and low) gives a great taste in your tongue…

The style of both speakers is elegant and simple in the same way and they don’t take up much space . They are both the identical size (190mm) in width (80mm) however, one speaker has a one centimeter wider (150mm) in comparison to the other. 

Its weight is slightly more (one kg). The right speaker breaks the sleek and elegant design of its partner on the front, by adding the volume control and an additional input to use with headphones. 

On the other hand there are a variety of physical connections to choose from specific to computers, another auxiliary connection, a third one to connect to the cable that connects with the left speaker, and an additional one to connect connecting the power cable.

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