If you’re thinking whether a computer with speakers is worth the money, in this article we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of product.

The purchase of a screen isn’t unwise as there are a variety of things to consider. Many people prefer the monitor to feature speakers, but in reality they consider it to be an all-inclusive product. We’ve wanted to tackle this issue, and so we reviewed the monitors with speakers and their advantages and disadvantages. We will then discuss if this is an important factor.

What are the things you should want to look for in an LCD monitor?

This is the query we must all be asking yourself before embarking on the searching for a particular model. It’s not “X inches” “X panel” and so on. But you need to determine the goal of your purchase . So, we search for answers such as ” I want it to play games “, “I want it to watch movies” or “I want an all-in-1” or “I want an all-in-one.

There’s a buyer profile that doesn’t consider whether the top panel available comes with . The buyer just wants a screen that can do everything: reproduce video, image, and even sound. It’s not an unreasonable wish as it is true that the HDMI port can be described as a multimedia port that is designed to perform all functions you want it to do, right?

So, if your response”yes” to ” I want it all ” or “as complete as possible” then consider a monitor that has speakers . The phrase “as complete as possible” isn’t always the best option because for certain people that could be the most effective monitor that is available. I’m sure you’re aware of what we mean by that.


Let’s look at the advantages that this kind of monitor has to offer . Don’t take them lightly as we’re certain that some of you might not take the above “virtues” as “pros”. However, here they are.

Space and organisation

A monitor with speakers prevents us from having to take up space, like their cables . For those who aren’t very demanding about audio, or will not play around with it will be able to view this item with a keen eye.

At the end of the day we’ll have a computer that includes a keyboard, mouse and monitor. They are the primary equipment needed to enjoy a good PC experience. For office space area, spaces and organisational capabilities are both highly valued . Because of this, we have many monitors that come with speakers.

Lower investment

If we don’t want an “setup” as such, we’ll invest less on our equipment . There are those who don’t want to invest a lot of money, and the use of a speaker on a monitor can help them avoid needing to purchase this device that plays audio.

There are those who require a PC for work and the sound is what isn’t a good idea. In reality, if we are in a hurry, we could purchase a computer with headphones and put it in a room listening to an explanation video or other.

“More complete” product

We have put “more complete” in quotation marks since this is similar to beauty , it’s all in the eyes of the person who is looking at it . There will be some who believe that a monitor equipped with speakers is a better complete item, as well with those who believe that the reverse is true.

As a product that is objective and theoretical the product is a complete device since it has two peripherals within one . As a user of a monitor with speakers, they’ve helped me numerous times and performed an excellent job as an auxiliary device.


It’s time to reveal the shame. These can be debated however they exist. Every product is bound to have weaknesses that should be weighed against its strengths. The following are pros or disadvantages.

panel quality

Monitor and panel manufacturers need to make the most of their profits and that means reducing costs. It is possible to claim ” whoever covers a lot , squeezes little” . This implies that “divide and conquer”, does not mean that you try to cover all the aspects, but instead focus on one particular aspect.

Monitors are peripherals that’s primary function is to display all that takes place on the PC in a screen. To me, TVs is not to be confused with a monitor :

  • Televisions are an audiovisual device that’s function is to reproduce audiovisual content . So, all televisions have loudspeakers .
  • The monitor is a component which needs to visually display what’s happening on a PC . This is why not all of them have speakers.

A more direct statement: A monitor with speakers is usually of lower quality panel than one that doesn’t feature speakers . Why? Because the company is purely committed to providing the highest image quality rather than a more flexible product. The cost of producing and installing speakers due to putting all of the effort into making an improved panel.

Sound quality

If we look at the quality of the speakers on the monitor We will be disappointed. The audiovisual experience provided by the speakers on a monitor is not as good as the experience we get from an LCD monitor that has a decent speaker and a decent panel.

All depends on the usage of our computer :

  • If we are using the PC for everyday tasks, we don’t intend to use it to watch multimedia content, there may not be a need for speakers to be installed on the monitor.
  • If you intend to use your PC to play everything (movies music, videos, games) We do not suggest a display with speakers . Instead, we suggest an adaptable monitor (IPS or VA) and a decent set of speakers for your PC.

Specific specifications

It is time to consider how the screen functions as a device device, not as a TV. This is a distinction is not found in the spectrum of televisions . So, we can find many types of buyer profiles that have different preferences:

  • Professionals in video and image . They don’t care about whether the monitor has speakers since they prefer a monitor which displays the most realistic colours that are feasible. This means:
    • Colour depth.
    • Colour accuracy.
    • Black fidelity and white balance.
    • HDR.
    • connections or ports or connections.
    • Etc.
  • Professional gamers or avid video game enthusiasts . Another kind of profile that doesn’t really need to be concerned about whether it has speakers since (most) gamers will use headphones . What they are looking for in a display is the following:
    • Rate of refresh.
    • Response time.
    • Picture quality.
    • Synchronisation G-Sync or FreeSync.
    • Panel type (ultra-panoramic, curved, etc. ).

What exactly do we mean by this? There are people who do not care in the slightest in the fact that the monitor is equipped with speakers . In reality, if they had to choose between a display with these features or a less impressive monitor, but with speaker, they’d select the first with absolute security.

There are exceptions of course. There is a monitor with speakers that can provide the features a professional or gamers requires . It’s not common however, there are some interesting models.

To help with this we’ve stated at the start of this article: “What should you expect from an LCD monitor? Based on what you’re searching for, a display equipped with speakers can have advantages or disadvantages .

We hope this info was helpful to you. If you have questions or concerns, please post a comment below to let us know so we can assist you.

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