JBL the GO 2 is JBL’s most popular portable wireless speaker. This is the second edition of the mini Bluetooth speaker, which has achieved record sales across its entire range. In this model, there are more substantial changes are made, it has an elegant appearance and is water-proof (IPX7 approved). JBL was established in 1945.

it remains an undisputed leader in the world of loudspeakers thanks to the expertise that it has gained throughout the many years. In this review, we are going to look at the JBL speaker which is included in one JBL’s low-cost lines but, without sacrificing quality. It also has an attractive design.


First thing that hits you when you look at JBL GO 2 JBL GO 2 is its tiny size. It’s perfect for hands. It weighs roughly the same as a smartphone, weighing just 184g. Its dimensions are 7.1 inches by 8.6 x 3.1 millimetres.

The contour is more rounded, and this is not just more appealing and pleasing, but also aids in better transmission of sound. The distinction of the material used for the speaker is obvious The material that is used to cover the speaker is a type of rubber that is rigid and has soft texture which looks great.

This JBL GO 2 is available in no more nor less than 12 different colours. It is therefore evident that its usage is directed towards young people who want to customise their items. Also, due to weight and size, they can be easily transported.

One thing that is important to be aware of to note is that it is IPX7-rated meaning that it is totally waterproof. In theory, we can submerge it as deep as 1 meter for 30 mins without any issues, however it is not recommended to limit this to the possibility of a submersion.

The front of the device, you will find buttons for controlling the volume, pause/play , and the button used to connect with your devices using Bluetooth. Additionally, it has an 3.5 millimetre audio input and micro USB card portthat is covered with a rubber cover which prevents water from getting inside. It is possible to lift the lid by using your fingers and easily.

The packaging is quite straightforward, unlike other JBL models like for instance the FLIP 4 for example. In this instance, the box is just a transparent package , which includes the speaker and an Micro USB cable, as well as the user’s manual.

Sound Quality

JBL GO 2 comes with a noise-cancelling mic which allows for hands-free communication . We tried this feature and saw a difference in the hands-free experience of similar or even more expensive speakers. Even though it has the power that is 3.0 W, its volume it can produce is more than other speakers that use a few Watts.

It has the frequency of 180Hz – 20kHz, and the signal-to-noise ratio is very excellent (80 decibels). The overall sound quality is quite good. We are not impacted by distortion even at max volume, however it does “sin” of being very specific. Even though it’s an in-built radiator however, the bass isn’t exceptional, but it’s acceptable.

It supports wireless transmission using Bluetooth 4.1 that operates on frequencies between 2.402-2.480 GHz. This lets you connect the speaker to your smartphone or any other devices compatible with Bluetooth.


JBL GO 2 comes with an 3.7 V power and 730mAh Lithium-Polymer battery which has a charge duration of 2 1/2 hour, gives us a time 5 hours. How can it be improved considering that similar mini Bluetooth speakers come with an endurance of over twice as long.

It is the JBL GO 2 has a 730 mAh Li-Po battery.

It is important to consider the fact that the autonomy JBL gives us is contingent on the volume we reproduce, and can be different. Five hours of autonomy according to the manufacturer’s guidelines will be at moderate levels.

It’s also dependent on whether you are Bluetooth enabled or are playing music through a 3.5mm cable. The device also features an integrated microphone, so it could also function to function as a hands-free mobile phone.


JBL GO 2 has features that are very intriguing and we wouldn’t be shocked if it surpasses its predecessor. It actually also covers a different market. It is the market of mini portable speakers , like that of U.E. Wonderboom and Xiaomi Mi2. Mi2 from Xiaomi that is a leader due to dimensions and mass.

There are a variety of colors available to give away, so nobody could complain that there’s no one they like. When we look at the cost it is a pleasant surprise when we discover that it is not more than EUR39.95. An affordable price for a product that is backed by a large audio company.

In your purse and in a neutral or vibrant color, which you prefer to best reflect your personality.

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