JBL Flip 5 Bluetooth Speaker

Quality and design:

Its JBL Flip 5 wireless speaker is among the top portable speakers available . It is attractive with a cylindrical design and is surrounded by a material that gives IPX7 resistance to dust and water , meaning it can be submerged up to a meters deep for a period that is approximately 30 minutes.

It’s a tiny speaker, but its size, weight and durability makes it one of the top options to carry for any excursion or trip. This little model should be included in our list of the top bluetooth speakers for 2021 .


Small speaker that is heard. This JBL Flip 5 speaker packs plenty energy for a small speaker of this dimensions. Its capability, outdoors and indoors, produces excellent results. Its power is 20W. It doesn’t have excellent sonic clarity, however it can provide quality and clarity at all frequencies.

The characteristics of this speaker are similar to those of its Boom 3 portable speaker, however, we have noticed an improved quality from the JBL portable Bluetooth speaker, in terms of quality of sound and bass. The audio quality leaves some to be desired contrasted with other expensive Bluetooth speakers, but when we look at its cost and performance, it is superior.


The JBL FLip 5 features the brand new JBL PartyBoost technology that lets users to connect it to different JBL speaker to stream music at the same time. However, it’s not fully compatible with JBL Connect Plus, so it is not compatible with the previous models currently including those that are compatible with the JBL Charge 4. But, the company is likely to modify the firmware of their other speakers soon.

It operates using Bluetooth 4.2 connection and comes with good range. In our tests we didn’t notice any issue with disconnecting. JBL has decided to remove the 3.5mm accessory input that the earlier model had, which is a problem for those who want to connect your devices using wires. However the charging port has been upgraded to a USB-C-type.


The JBL FLip Bluetooth Speaker comes with a 4,800 mAh capacity battery. In a test that was run using 50percent of the capacity for volume it was able to provide about 12 hours uninterrupted playback . In testing the battery with full power, we’ve observed that it lasts around 10 hours. It has a high performance similar to the battery found in the Punker. Punker .

Reviews of the JBL Flip 5:

A powerful and affordable Bluetooth speaker. The sound quality of this portable speaker has deep bass, clarity in the midrange and high frequencies . The sound quality leaves an impression when comparison with the best Bluetooth speakers in this list, but when you consider the size of this speaker, it’s impressive. Additionally to this, the IPX7 protection is a great reason to carry everywhere we travel.

We think it’s the top mobile Bluetooth speaker. It offers a fantastic combination of high-quality and low cost. Plenty of reasons to put it on our top 10 list of wireless speakers in 2021. Check out the most affordable price by clicking this website.

If you’re in a pinch, we suggest this model: JBL Flip Essential . It is less powerful and a battery with lower performance and is also cheaper. JBL Go 2 JBL Go 2 is another excellent, small and cheap alternative. However If you’re looking for more power then it is the JBL Boombox is the best choice.

UE Boom 3 Bluetooth Speaker

Quality and design:

Ultimate Ears , acquired a couple of months ago from the company Logitech it is one of the top companies that manufacture bluetooth speakers. Its Boom line is gaining recognition. This model, the UE Boom 3 is the latest model from the company and is one of the top portable speakers available.

This update is packed with an important new feature, comes with more appealing design and is priced at a lower cost than the time when it was first released. UE Boom 2 was launched. Many believe it is the best wireless speaker.


Its UE Boom maintains the cylindrical design and dimensions that is it’s predecessor, UE Boom 2. It provides 360-degree sound. It is 18 centimeters tall and weighs just 608 grams . It comes in appealing and striking colors: Lagoon blue, Sunset red evening black, ultraviolet, and green. The brand new UE Boom 3 Bluetooth speaker is IP67 certified against dust and water that means it is able to be submerged for up to 30 minutes up to a depth of 1 millimeter. It is secured by a mesh cloth that is constructed from a material that is used by bikers and firefighters.

It’s very durable to water and its charging ports are protected from water. It’s the perfect portable speaker for taking along to the beach, or to the pool as it floates, however if you require an even more portable speaker, you could also consider this model: UE Roll 2 .


The UE Boom 3 offers great sound quality for a compact Bluetooth speaker , however in this aspect, it doesn’t differ too much from the model before it. It provides a pretty impressive sound quality for the size. It operates with an optimum of 90 dB and incorporates two 50mm transducers as well as four passive radiators of 101mm . The sound is in a clear, even frequency and its cylinder design lets it emit the sound throughout 360 degrees, with excellent isolation and power.

Similar to other portable speakers of this manufacturer this one has a sound that is great for outdoor use and bass enthusiasts . The bass is deep and powerful however, it remains tense and well-controlled. The midtones aren’t as powerful or offer the same punch of the highs, however they sound sharp and have decent clarity.

It’s not the best audiophile speaker that is looking for high-fidelity however, it’s excellent for listening to genres like hip-hop and at outdoor gatherings.

The most appealing aspect is that it’s extremely loud (it is able to fill small and medium spaces) and doesn’t distort . With the app, you can additionally individually equalize the midrange, bass, and the treble. Additionally, it offers a range of adjustments to suit different settings as well as a fully-customizable equalization mode. Overall, the quality of sound is quite acceptable for its cost, but we would prefer JBL Flip 5 to be superior. JBL Flip 5 to perform better.


Its UE Boom 3 wireless speaker includes an on and off button that is located on top. Additionally, it has a “magic button” that is able for pause, play or change the songs . With the magic button, you can play your preferred compilations. To make the most of this, you need to sync it with your UE Boom application . Unfortunately , it works only on Apple Music if you have an iOS device or Deezer when you own an Android. The company has already stated that it is planning to provide support to Spotify as well as different services. So it’s not an issue that is a big one.

Through the app, you are able to connect up to four UE speakers to party mode and alter levels of bass as well as treble volume according to your preferences. One of the most appealing advantages for the UE speaker is the fact that it has an incredible variety of connectivity. It is able to work without difficulty for up to with distances of up to 45 meters (as as there’s no interference) and has a capability that is larger than its predecessor, the Boom 2.


The UE Bluetooth speaker has a battery that can provide up to 15 hours of uninterrupted playback , however, it will last less when you play at maximum volume. To recharge it, you just require connecting the device to a source of power by using the micro-uSB connector that is provided in the packaging.


The UE Boom 3 speaker features numerous improvements than that of the Boom 2 and is available at a reasonable cost. It’s waterproof, portable and features a stylish style with bright colours. The speaker is powerful and has 360-degree sound, with a strong bass. It’s among the top Bluetooth speakers available.

Find the lowest cost on Amazon. We recommend that you also check out our comparison of the top bluetooth speakers.

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