If you want to have the best speakers on the market, we will tell you directly that you should choose the Triton Five from GoldenEar Technology. With fifty years of combined experience in audio and video equipment , trust us when we tell you, because it’s not a statement we make lightly.

We know that this is a bold claim, especially with the sheer number of speakers on the market today and because, ultimately, sound is subjective. So you’re not sure if the Triton Five is right for you, our other recommendations will probably meet your needs.

GoldenEar Technology Triton Five

The best

Why should you buy them?  First-class sound at the lowest price-quality ratio.

Who are they for?  The audio fanatic looking for the best possible sound.

Why did we choose the GoldenEar Technology Triton Five?  In terms of getting the best possible audio quality at earthly prices, there is perhaps no better choice than GoldenEar Technology . Founded by audio legend Sandy Gross , who previously led prominent companies Polk and Definitive Technology , the firm is driven by the same passionate love of high-end sound that led to the success of Gross’ previous businesses. Their speakers, like those in the Triton Five range, offer excellent sound at reasonable prices and compete against staggeringly expensive options.

A set of floorstanding speakers with sleek black covers, the Triton Five look simple, but they make up for it in terms of sound. Under the hood, Gross and his engineering team managed to build probably the best-sounding speakers we’ve ever heard at that price. Normally, if you are looking for a set of high-quality speakers, you will have to spend between $5,000 and $10,000, but GoldenEar’s Triton Five gives you the same for only $2,000.

Two six-inch midrange drivers drive most of the sound towards your eardrums, with a custom-designed ribbon tweeter providing excellent definition at the top. To help with punch, the Triton has four 8-inch passive radiators, which aid in a better overall sound and give you the precise sound when listening to hip-hop, funk, and other bass styles .

The speakers have an overall snappy response, helping you hear the same vibrant sound as when it was recorded in the studio. There are few speakers that offer this quality for so little money. The Triton Five provides satisfaction that justifies its price and should last for decades.

Klipsch Reference Bookshelf

The best budget speakers

Why should you buy them? Few speakers balance looks, performance, and budget as deftly as Klipsch’s Reference line.Who are they for? For those who want a smaller set of speakers, without compromising sound quality or spending all their savings.

Klipsch has a history of delivering top-tier speakers, and its Reference line has long been seen as the company’s sweet spot: well-designed and very competitive on price. In 2018, Klipsch went back to the drawing board and rebuilt the reference line from scratch, instead opting for a few minor tweaks.

The result is an improvement across the entire line, including the shelf models. While Reference bookshelf speakers come in both powered and unpowered formats, we recommend the unpowered models because, for the most part, they include everything you need for great sound without adding things like amplification at extra cost.

As a compact set of full-range speakers, the bookshelf format is the perfect upgrade path. You can start using them for a small or medium room, such as a connected amp like the Sonos Amp, and then migrate to them as you build a larger theatre setup. They’re powerful enough to serve as your main front speakers in a basic home theatre, but small enough that they can be assigned the role of rear satellite speakers.

SVS Prime Tower Surround

best home theatre kit

Why should you buy them? Amazing performance, eye-catching design, excellent stereo and surround sound.

Who are they for? Home theatre fans who want surround sound when watching their favourite movies and audiophile stereo for their favourite tunes.

Why did we choose the SVS Prime Tower Surround? If you’re looking for the perfect combination of price, performance and superbly detailed sound for your home theatre system , it doesn’t get much better than the SVS Prime Tower Surround Kit . A beautiful set of five speakers that easily ranks among the best we’ve tested. The Prime series will take your home audio experience to another level.

Anchored to a set of quality towers, easily pumping out your favourite tunes in stereo when not in use as part of the larger system, the Prime kit offers an immersive experience second to none at this price. The sound seamlessly switches between front, side and rear, providing the detail we’d expect to see in more expensive speakers. The standard five-speaker kit doesn’t include a subwoofer , so to complete your experience we recommend adding one of the company’s subwoofers, such as the PB-1000 .

5.0 and 5.1 surround sound systems are a perfect starting point for those looking for great sound, and a good step up to larger Dolby Atmos systems , without the hassle of mounting speakers from the ceiling. Best of all, every speaker in the SVS Prime system will come in handy when you upgrade, instead of being thrown away when you upgrade to a larger configuration. SVS produces a variety of home theater speakers, you’ll have no trouble finding one that will go well with future expansion. In fact, those looking to expand into Atmos can choose the Prime Elevation Speakers .

If you don’t have enough money and just want great sound, SVS speakers are your choice. But if you also want to impress your friends and family, you can shell out an extra $250 for the piano-like gloss finish, which will shine like a Steinway grand piano in Carnegie Hall.

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