In this review, we’re going to discuss the Philips TAJS50 portable speaker, designed for Georg Jensen. The speaker is distinctive due to its exclusive design and features the cooperation of Danish firm Georg Jensen.

We’ve tested the speaker with great care and in the coming days we’ll give you the full particulars about the features and our thoughts on this speaker. Philips TAJS50.


It is first time we look at the design and style of the portable speaker that is among things that draw the most people’s attention. We’ve seen it on other Philips products, as is the case with its televisions. It has been developed with its Danish company Georg Jensen. The company was established in 1904 and has been devoted to the design of products of all sorts.

The design is different from the typical designs that are found in speakers from different brands. you are dealing with an unique speaker, and they’ve decided to take into consideration all the finer details regarding this aspect.

A striking aspects is the polished plate that is located at the top of one side. This is where the Georg Jensen signature logo has been imprinted on this plate, and we believe that we believe it gives the piece a distinct and elegant look.

The speakers are covered with Kvadrat fabric, which is made of wool-blend that is acoustically clear.

The connectors are hidden under the rubber cap. The speaker only has an USB Type-C connector to charge the speaker and another USB port for electricity to other devices.

Even though fewer and less speakers offer the feature, we still need an additional connection that would connect our mobile or MP3 through a cable.

The bottom portion is made of rubber to ensure it is able to grip any surface, and also to prevent the possibility of vibrations when it is placed on tables.

It’s a light speaker , weighing 1.12 kg , which means you can take it wherever you go.


The battery’s lifespan is up to 20 hours at an average volume. It’s a pretty good number that will give us many days of usage. Like always, if you use it for a long time at maximum capacity it will be significantly lower.

The battery’s capacity is 4400 mAhand 7.4 V. The full charge time is 6 hours.

Because of the capacity of the battery, as we’ve mentioned previously it also has an input port, so users can recharge their smartphone or tablet when you’re away and can’t make use of your charger.

Audio quality

Within this Philips Georg Jensen JS50 are two 2.25-inch full-range speakers, as well as two radiators that are passive. The maximum output power is 30W.

This is an extremely powerful speaker that can fill a room with sound, and with enough power that it can be used outdoors in areas with plenty of sound. Another benefit is that, even when set to the max volume the JS50 is an audio device that doesn’t cause any distortion. To get a higher audio and stereo, you could use a second JS50 to play both speakers simultaneously.

The musicality of Philips TAJS50 is in contrast to its minimalist and sleek appearance, and delivers an energetic sound with a strong bass. It delivers stunning basses that have lots of power and is sure to please those who love music genres in which bass frequencies are the predominant feature.

It is among the speakers that has the best defense of itself in this particular area among the models we’ve tried. It has a powerful bass, but in no instance will it cause reverberation or create unpleasant distortions like we’ve seen with some other speaker systems.

The most noticeable feature is the outstanding bass quality It is important to note that the other frequency ranges are displayed with excellent clarity, and the voices are clear and distinct.

One area that could be improved would be sound dispersion since it’s an audio system in which audio is projected very in a direction. However, we’re not particularly fond of portable speakers that are able to project 360o sound because the design of the speaker are altered to create this effect, and the final consequence is audio generally becomes worse.

Features Philips TAJS50

  • 30W of power
  • 2 2.25” x 2.25″full range” speakers as well as 2 radiators with passives
  • stereo sound
  • Design by Georg Jensen
  • Bluetooth
  • Pairing up with another speaker TAJS50
  • Autonomy up to 20 hours
  • USB charging
  • Audio input for the Auxiliary
  • Dimensions: 299 x 100 x 98mm
  • Weight: 1.12kg

Evaluation and final decision Philips TAJ50

Our experience with our experience with the Philips TAJS50 bluetooth speaker is extremely positive, and its performance has been amazing. The sound quality is crystal clear, and we appreciate its powerful sound without distortion, its booming bass and excellent quality of voice reproduction.

It is also notable for its high flexibility to utilize it throughout the daytime and with its unique design that veers away from the norm and creates a chic and refined look.

We would have loved to have additional options like water resistance or an auxiliary connector.

However, our overall assessment is extremely positive, and we would recommend it for purchase.

Do you think it is worth purchasing this Philips Georg Jensen JS50?

If you’re looking for speakers with an original and stylish design that stands out from the other models available and you are looking for a high-quality speaker that has a punchy bass, you’ll definitely appreciate Philips TAJS50. Philips TAJS50. Additionally, the cost has been reduced significantly from EUR250 as of the date we are writing this review.

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